Syncware's Product Experience Transformation Begins

September 28, 2023
4 mins
Syncware's Product Experience Transformation Begins

The last time I wrote to you, I was recapping a transformational 2022 at Syncware. And as we’ve continued to grow, we consistently hear from you that the #1 way to improve your experience and increase the value you get from Syncware, is through a more intuitive product with superior usability.    

That’s why I’m so excited and proud to announce today the first major release on our journey to transform the Syncware product experience for you.

Our goal is to drastically improve usability resulting in even more time savings in how you run your businesses. This first major release is focused on streamlining elements at the start of your Syncware journey:

  • Signup for NEW customers: Instantly create a new online Syncware Account for your company and a Syncware ID for you using your email or Google account. 
  • Streamlined header: Cleaner (top-right) navigation for User profile management (including profile picture) and relocated Help widget via the question-mark icon
  • User roles and management: Add and remove multiple users to your Account
  • Integrations management (phase 1): 
    - Access to the Integrations section moved to the main (left-side) navigation 
    - View the list of all integrations connected to your Account with easy access to configuration
    - Add a custom name to each connected integration (this was one of the most requested features for those operating multiple storefronts on the same platform)
    - Add new integrations to your subscription by searching through hundreds of supported integrations with listed pricing and other relevant details 
    - Remove integrations from your subscription with one-click
  • Cleaner UI: Our simpler and more intuitive user interface has moved out of Beta into General Availability (GA). 

We welcome your questions and feedback–please submit them through the Ask section of our Help widget by clicking on the question mark in the upper right of the interface. 

What’s next 

We also know from your feedback that the superpower of Syncware’s product is much more than simply passing data between systems, it’s being able to manipulate and control the data enabling you to automate the way you do business. 

Our next quarterly release will focus on better surfacing these 500+ configurations in a way you can easily understand and utilize while we continue to build on the first release by adding more functionality to User and Integration management.

Expect to hear from me about these major releases every quarter but please also follow our LinkedIn page where we share every new integration and enhancement in bi-weekly releases.  

This has been a long time coming and I can’t describe my excitement about the changes we’re making. But this is about you—improving your experience to save you more time and money. Thanks for your feedback (keep it coming!) and loyalty. These are what drives our team to keep getting better everyday.

Gregg Greenberg

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