Syncware Product Update: December 15th, 2023

December 19, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: December 15th, 2023

Below are the latest Syncware product updates released on December 15th: 

Existing integration Amazon Seller Central rebuilt with added workflows (and listed as an approved app in Amazon’s Partner Appstore):

Orders -> Syncware
Shipments <- Syncware
Products -> Syncware
Inventory <-> Syncware

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations: 

  • 3PL Central: New feature to map shipping account based on incoming order source in Order sync
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central: New feature to map customer account based on incoming order source in Order sync
  • Cin7 Core (DEAR): New configuration to suppress additional (custom) attributes in Order sync
  • Infoplus: Configurable cancel date mapping to enable date adjustments
  • LightSpeed (E-Commerce): Adjusted mapping in Product sync so the required style number is mapped to style field 
  • MarketTime: Adjusted credit card token mapping based on recent MarketTime API updates
  • QuickBooks Online: Upgraded the self-service (oAuth) connection as required by QuickBooks’ new API version
  • Salesforce: New mapping for shipping account number to ship method in Shipment sync
  • SAP BusinessOne: Country list mapping now supported in Order sync
  • WooCommerce: Added check for valid image URL to prevent upload failure in Product sync

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • DSCO (CommerceHub/Rithum): Adjusted logic in Shipment sync to search for staging order or skip if EDI
  • Corrected freight mapping on new TDS segment for 810 (Invoice) documents

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

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