Xtrovert Sunset Announcement

December 1, 2023
1 min
Xtrovert Sunset Announcement

Effective March 31, 2024, we will be sunsetting Xtrovert, our 10+ year-old desktop application, to focus our resources on our cloud application, Syncware. Moving to cloud-based applications offers customers more stability, flexibility, and mobility without the added costs of hardware requirements or data storage limitations.    

We are offering the opportunity for Xtroverts customer to move to Syncware with no migration costs. If you haven’t already begun the migration process, please contact us to book a Discovery call with our team before March 31st to:

  • Review your current integrations and workflows
  • Determine whether migration is feasible and any next steps

Please note: There are integrations and functionality in Xtrovert that we do not support in Syncware so migration may not be possible.

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