Syncware Product Update: May 26, 2023

May 30, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: May 26, 2023

Here are the latest Syncware product updates released on May 26th: 

Existing integration JOOR is updated to the latest API version (v4) with support for product variants and newly-added workflows:

Orders <-> Syncware
Shipments -> Syncware (New action to pull Shipments)
Inventory <- Syncware (New action to push Inventory)
Products <-> Syncware
Customers <-> Syncware

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations:

  • Acctivate: New field mappings for Source, Agency, (Sales) Rep Name, and Credit Card Token in Order sync
  • AIMS360: Resolved bug where required Division field is missing from Product sync
  • Aleran: New field mapping for line-level product personalizations in Order sync
  • Brightpearl: New logic to set field mapping values for Currency and Default Channel based on Sales Agency in Order sync
  • ChannelAdvisor: Improved Inventory sync to accommodate API timeout errors due to high-volume calls
  • Cin7 Core (DEAR): New field mapping for line-level discounts in Order sync
  • Cin7 Omni: New field mapping to match customer by incoming order source (ACCT_BY_SOURCE)
  • Etsy: Improved Product and Inventory sync to accommodate revised API rate limits and prevent failure on larger (60+) product volume
  • Faire: Improve Product and Inventory sync to accommodate revised API rate limits and reduce API calls
  • Mirakl: Fixed field mapping to correctly populate line-level Unit Price
  • MS Dynamics Business Central: Added logic to prevent creating empty Sales Order when no items are matched between systems
  • Netsuite: Added configuration to suppress default value on on ToBeFaxed field when not required
  • Netsuite: Enabled COGS account mapping in Product sync
  • SOS Inventory: New field mappings for Sales Rep and Terms in Order sync

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • New field mapping to Retail Price in CTP segment for 855 (Purchase Order Acknowledgement) document type
  • New feature to allow packing multiple line items with the same SKU in a single carton  
  • Added customized attribute for Sobeys trading partner chain in GS03 segment mapping
  • Added Credit Card token in Syncware EDI mapping to 850 (Purchase Order) document type
  • Upgraded data validation on 812 (Credit/Debit Adjustment) document type to eliminate errors
  • Added validations for 846 (Inventory) document type to prevent retail chain chargebacks

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Updated Connections screen to display only oAuth self-service connections
  • Payment information now displayed in Order Details view (enabling visibility to Faire payouts)
  • Product Source now displayed in Product view
  • New self-service (oAuth) connection for eBay

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