Syncware Product Update: March 17, 2023

March 20, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: March 17, 2023

Here are the latest Syncware product updates released on March 17th: 

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations:

  • Brandboom - Improved order sync performance and accuracy by changing filter to Modified Date State (from Order Date Start)
  • ChannelAdvisor - Added logic so inactive Products update to zero inventory and only update with a positive value
  • Cin7 - Added Ship Carrier and Service field mapping for shipped orders
  • eBay - Fixed oAuth connection bug
  • EnterMarket - When multiple companies are set up under the same EnterMarket connection, Shipments sync is applied for all companies
  • EnterMarket - Changed Ship Date field mapping to Due Date (not Order Date)
  • InfoPlus - Pagination support from latest API update added to Product sync
  • Infoplus - Fix ASN sync to use default warehouse ID when missing on the order
  • Lightspeed Ecom - Improved field mappings in Product sync (notably Parent Product Id to Item Parent)
  • LightSpeed - Updated Order sync fields mappings and logic to include two-character country codes, always send Address Number, and Default Shipping Method  
  • Magento - Add Product sync support for grouped products and bundles
  • MarketTime - Updated Order sync so Subtotal calculation reflects Discounts
  • Netsuite - Enabled line-level custom field mappings for orders so they are readable in Netsuite
  • Netsuite - Improved Invoice sync to prevent duplicates
  • Odoo - Added field mapping for Received Date in Order sync
  • QuickBooks (Desktop) - Added field mappings for Print Later and Email Later checkboxes in Order sync
  • Shopify - Upgraded API to version 2022-04
  • Shopify - Improved customer matching for Canadian alphanumeric postal codes
  • Skubana - Enabled Inventory sync support for multiple warehouses
  • SOS Inventory - Added new field mapping to specify order source
  • WooCommerce - Updated Order sync logic to check both Billing and Shipping Name fields for required First Name value

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • Add Advertising Allowance and Defective Allowance mapping between 850 (Purchase Order) and 810 (Invoice) documents
  • Enhance PO4 segment (line item details) for 810 (Invoice) documents to accommodate inner pack details and the line UOM
  • Improved segment validations on outbound 850 (Purchase Order) documents

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Add product SKU in Product Details screen
  • Dashboard UI improvements for smaller screen sizes
  • Now displays Order Class field on Order Details screen
  • Enabled multi-select of items in Pick-Pack screen 
  • Now displays Size and Color on Order line items on Order Details screen
  • Allows user to copy Order Number, PO, etc. from the Orders grid without opening the Order Detail screen

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