Syncware Product Update: July 7, 2023

July 11, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: July 7, 2023

Here are the latest Syncware product updates released on July 7th: 

Existing integration Faire upgraded to accommodate recent commission changes by adding flat fees and BPS to existing fields in Order sync.

  • NO ACTION REQUIRED to enable this change 

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations:

  • Cin7 Core and Cin7 Dear: New filtering options in Order sync for simple sales (PICKED) and advanced sales (ORDERED, BACKORDERED, AUTHORIZED/PARTIAL INVOICE)
  • Etsy: Enabled Order sync for all order statuses, not just single (paid, not shipped) status 
  • JOOR: Added logic to strip characters (html code) from Product sync
  • LightSpeed (Ecom): New configuration to use line item pricing from the source system in Order sync
  • MarketTime: Added logic in Order sync to prevent processing duplicate orders sent from MarketTime API
  • ShipStation: New mapping for header discount to separate it from subtotal in Order sync 

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • New mapping segments for discounts (Unsaleable Merchandise) and allowances (Warehouse Allowance) on 810 (Invoice) document type

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Any dialog windows can be closed by using the Esc key
  • Improved Orders grid search and pagination functions

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