Syncware Product Update: January 2023

February 6, 2023
3 mins
Syncware Product Update: January 2023

As Gregg (CEO) alluded to in his message last week, 2023 will see a transformation of the Syncware software product. As such, we are publishing our very first Product Update. Moving forward, we will publish the latest Syncware product releases every two weeks including new integrations, feature enhancements to existing integrations, new features and configurations, added EDI capabilities, hotfixes & bugs, etc.     

Without further ado, here are the latest Syncware product updates from January 2023 sprints: 

New integration InFlow is available with the following core workflows:

Products <-> Syncware

Orders <-> Syncware

Shipments <- Syncware

Purchase Orders <-> Syncware

Inventory <-> Syncware

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations:

  • Brandwise - kit quantity update to enable accurate inventory 
  • Cin7 - new cartonization feature is enabled, making EDI order sync roundtrip completely seamless for Cin7 + EDI customers
  • Cin7 - added failsafe to ensure high order volume does not exceed API limits enforced by new Cin7 API
  • Etsy - now supports posting shipments back to Etsy
  • Magento - added support for product variants in product sync
  • MainFreight - upgraded to accommodate recent API changes
  • Ordoro - updated to latest API version (V3)
  • Salesforce - will no longer create new Customer records when customer match shows duplicates 
  • Shopify - auto-cleanup (now including special characters) of customer phone numbers sent to Shopify 
  • 3dcart - no longer overwriting first and last name with company name on orders 
  • WooCommerce - updated so V2 API is now default version 

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • Added support for 943 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Receipt) document type specifically for Warehouses and 3PLs
  • Added support for 944 (Warehouse Stock Transfer Shipment) document type specifically for Warehouses and 3PLs 
  • Lot number available at line-item level in the order from Warehouse integrations then mapped back to EDI document 856.

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Embedded Support widget now allows users to view their history of previous Support conversations
  • Eliminated caching requirements so product UI updates display by default
  • Credit card token now available in order summary view
  • Fixed Order/Invoice and Invoice/Order screens so the Line Item section includes Size/Color column
  • Settings>Endpoint next-run time component is saving accurately and no longer reverting to 12:00AM

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