Syncware Product Update: August 18, 2023

August 22, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: August 18, 2023

Here are the latest Syncware product updates released on August 18th: 

New integration Shopware (V5) is available with the following core workflows (note: Shopware (V6) is already supported): 

Orders <-> Syncware
Shipments -> Syncware
Products <-> Syncware
Inventory -> Syncware

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations: 

  • Acumatica: Added credit card token mapping in Order sync
  • ApparelMagic: Enhanced Inventory sync allowing multiple warehouse locations
  • BlueCart: Improved field mapping to parse address into separate fields for Order sync
  • Brightpearl: Added credit card token mapping in Order sync
  • Cin7 Omni: New EDI Source configuration to allow Cin7 sales orders to be processed as EDI invoices attributed to any supported trading partner 
  • JOOR: Enhanced Product sync including new field mappings for category, subcategory, and season and adherence to new API rate limits
  • Lightspeed (Ecom): Enhanced Product sync to support new field mappings for size, quality and wholesale price
  • Mirakl: Updated logic in Shipment sync to use ordered quantity if shipped quantity is missing 
  • QuickBooks (Desktop): Now allows billing address mapping in Order sync to be driven by a single customer job or order source
  • Square: Upgraded API (to version 2023-07-20) to resolve Product sync connection
  • Xorosoft: Coupon code discount (product discount + shipping discount) can be applied on total discount in Order sync
  • Winman: New field mapping for new inventory field “Available before next delivery”

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • Enabled 810 (Invoice) processing for non-EDI order sources like Cin7, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Added mapping for allowances in 850 (Purchase Order) discount field
  • Enabled discount type mapping in 850 (Purchase Order) to process discount by percentage (in addition to amount)
  • Added support for printing HSN packing slip

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Improved name details on the Term binding allowing users to select from a list of available system terms
  • Added timestamp to “Received” date field column for Orders and Invoices

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