Syncware Product Update: April 14, 2023

April 17, 2023
2 mins
Syncware Product Update: April 14, 2023

Here are the latest Syncware product updates released on April 14th: 

New features added and bug fixes to existing integrations:

  • ApparelMagic: Fixed Product and Shipment sync to accommodate new data elements (freight amount, variant details, etc.) from the Apparel Magic API
  • ChannelAdvisor: Added mapping for new Sales Rep field
  • Cin7 Omni: Added field mapping for Bar Code on order line items
  • Etsy: Added logic to eliminate excess shipment API calls to improve performance
  • Faire: Added a Whitelist option to limit product list in Product sync
  • Infoplus: Improved error handling on Shipment sync
  • MS Dynamics Business Central: Various improvements to support custom client connections, new authentication mechanisms, and better error handling on Order sync
  • Prestashop: Added new field mappings for Ship Method, Carrier, and VAT
  • Salesforce: Improved Customer matching logic for automated matching in Opportunities and Orders
  • ShipStation: Improved Shipment sync to check Order ID and Order Number with added failsafe to prevent duplicates 
  • Verde Fulfillment (EnterMarket): Added logic to auto-set Third Party Bill field if Third Party Account field is set on an Order

Enhanced EDI capabilities:

  • Added feature in document type 850 (Purchase Order) to skip line-level discount when discount is zero 
  • Added data validations for missing but required fields to document types 850 (Purchase Order) and 856 (Advanced Shipping Notice) to avoid retail chain chargebacks 
  • Added logic for retail chains that do not support unit of measure (UOM) conversion to use Order Quantity for Invoice

Updates and bug fixes to Product UI/UX:

  • Fixed Customer Match feature on the new UI to prevent duplicate records
  • Improved Order edit feature to accept zero line items
  • Improved Orders grid to include more column filters
  • Added ability to filter on Endpoints > Configurations
  • Enabled user to copy row data on grids without opening Detail view

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