Introducing Syncware's New Customer Engagement Team

July 6, 2022
1 min read
Introducing Syncware's New Customer Engagement Team

As part of the ongoing transformation of Syncware, we are excited to announce our new Customer Engagement Team. This team’s mission is to provide a more consistent and improved experience from first contact, to onboarding, through everyday business. This new team consists of:

  • Sales Account Executive, Mary Kimmel (based in Spokane, Washington)
  • Customer Onboarding Manager, Haley Smith (based in Park City, Utah)
  • Support Manager, Nathan Mountain (based in Syracuse, New York)

This is another major step in improving our business processes and your experience.

As a reminder of other recent updates:

  • We implemented Chargebee for automated subscription management so your billing/payment information is available online at any time.
  • We instituted our new Support System whereby all support inquiries should be sent to for the fastest response.

And shortly, we will be sending our first Customer Survey to solicit your feedback. Thank you in advance for your participation as your input is critical in influencing our product roadmap and understanding how we can improve your overall experience.

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