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FashionGo is a B2B fashion wholesale e-commerce. FashionGo is the No.1 Online business-to-business (B2B) fashion marketplace, efficiently connecting wholesale vendors and retail buyers from around the world. FashionGo provides one of the fastest growing global e-commerce platforms and the simplest, most cost effective means to increase sales and expand reach.


Syncware’s FashionGo integration is made for efficient high volume processing of your B2B apparel orders. Syncware’s software integrates inventory, orders, approvals, credit card payment authorization, payment capture, shipping, and more

Syncware and FashionGo


ERP & Finance 

       Syncs FashionGo orders, fulfillments, customers, inventory & other key data with Financial applications (eg NetSuite, QuickBooks )


        Keep fulfillment, Shipping & inventory levels from Warehouse in Sync with FashionGo (eg. Amazon, Shipstation etc.)


        Automatically keep inventory & order in sync with online storefront ( eg. Shopify, WooCommerce, etc.)

We connect with over 350 connectors and can write custom connectors in no time using our Bizperanto platform (offered as a service).

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