Technical Customer Support (L1) Specialist

Remote: US or Canada (US offices in Park City, UT)
About The Role

At Syncware, we know that one key to our growth is exceptional customer experience delivered by a high-performing team.  As a first line of communication with our customers, this Customer Support role requires a solid understanding of the Syncware product and a sense of responsibility for Syncware’s mission-critical role in the success of our customers and our customers' customers.  

Your job will be to listen and support with empathy then problem-solve and educate so customers are better equipped to help themselves in the future.  Your daily schedule will include a mix of chat, email, and occasionally, video meetings while ensuring quick response times to inbound inquiries and open issues. Beyond a number of tracking metrics (response time, time to resolution, etc.) your number one success metric will be results from our one-question satisfaction survey: “If you were hiring for a customer support role, would you hire me?”

Role Responsibilities
  1. Become a Syncware product expert: Fully learn and understand the Syncware product to be able to provide outstanding pre-sales, onboarding and tech support. 
  1. General inquiries / How to’s: Review and respond to inquiries–from how Syncware works to billing questions to gathering product requests. Then investigate and deliver solutions–hand-off to sales, gather input from internal experts, and respond directly to customers. 
  1. Product troubleshooting: Based on customer support inquiries, determine the issue(s) by asking probing questions, getting specific examples of the issue(s), and then reviewing customer-specific settings, including error logs, to diagnose and determine the resolution for the issue.  Resolve with customers when possible using self-service options or work with internal engineering team to resolve more complex issues requiring level 2 support.
  1. Internal ‘Voice of Customer’: Advocate for customers internally by communicating product feedback and reported issues to improve functionality. 
  1. Develop scalable, repeatable processes: Build the foundational elements and culture for growth through continuous improvement by contributing to documented processes and learnings.
About You
  • You love customers and make them the center of your work universe.
  • You want to help others learn and be successful.
  • You are hands-on.
  • Strong communication skills via live chat, email, and video/phone calls.
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree or 3+ years of relevant work experience.
  • 2-3 years of customer-facing role, e.g. sales, success, support, etc.
  • Self-starter, experience working in a fully-remote environment
  • Tech Skills Helpful
  • Basic knowledge of database structure and field mapping concepts is helpful.
  • Basic knowledge of software development and support lifecycle.
  • Good to have prior experience working with diverse dev teams.
  • Experience in any B2B and/or B2C eCommerce related software is preferred but not required.
  • Bonus: Personal or Professional experience as a retailer, distributor, or manufacturer of consumer product goods is ideal for understanding our customers needs.
Role Details
  • Reports to CEO
  • Hours: Full Time, Part-Time Flex

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